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MarineGadget Radar - AIS Receiver

New! The lowest priced and most portable AIS receiver in the world!

Just £99 (UK) or 120(EU)!
Includes Post&Packing

A complete Marine AIS receiver in a tiny USB dongle.

  • USB connection appears as a simple serial com port compatible with most plotting software
  • Output NMEA 0183 VDM messages
  • Decodes messages 1,2,3,4,5,9,18,19,21,24
  • USB powered (no power cables/supplies to carry or install)
  • Capable of listening on Channel A(161.975Mhz) or Channel B(162.025Mhz), or alternating between the two.
  • USB virtual serial port baud rate 38400
  • Antenna input SMA or BNC through supplied adaptor (50R)
  • USB extender cable supplied
  • Sensitivity -110dBm
  • Dimensions only 75x23x8mm

Whether used for shipspotting on the coast or on board a boat the MarineGadget-Radar provides an extremely portable, simple to install (powered over USB and no USB to serial adaptors) and low cost AIS receiver.


Requires a marine/VHF antenna with BNC or SMA connection and a Microsoft Windows PC with USB.

Range is limited by line of sight (except during troposphere ducting conditions), the relatively low power of ship transponders and the height and gain of your antenna. Typical range on on the coast with a low level antenna 12Nm, on an elevated antenna position 20-50Nm. 250Nm+ under the right ducting conditions.



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1 year warranty. If you are not completely happy with your purchase you can return it within 7 days in as new condition for a refund.
Full Terms and Conditions of Sale are here
Compatible with Windows XP, Vista 32-bit,Windows 7 and Windows 8
64-bit versions of Windows Vista are not supported