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Software for use with MarineGadget-Radar

There are many chart plotting software options that can be used with the MarineGadget-Radar. The receiver outputs AIS NMEA 0183 VDM messages that appear on a virtual serial com port. So your choice of software needs to be able to receive and decode these messages, and you will need to configure it to the com port that your MarineGadget-Radar appears on.

SeaClear is a popular choice because it is available for free here
Please ensure you have read and meet the terms and conditions of use for SeaClear.

OpenCPN is also free and open source here

The MarineGadget-Radar comes with a trial version of ShipPlotter from COAA. The website for ShipPlotter is here

The trial version of ShipPlotter runs for 21 days, after that time you will need to pay 25 Euros+ VAT for the full version (you register on the webpage above. The full version also allows you to share shop positions with other users (if you have an internet connection) so you can see ships all over the world.


Some example screen shots from ShipPlotter